Welcome to the Family and Friends section of the Stop it Now! Get Help website.  This part of the site is for wives and partners, parents, all adult family members and friends of people who they suspect or know may be accessing indecent images of children online, or engaging in other inappropriate sexual behaviours involving children. 


The website also offers free, anonymous self-help for those wishing to use the materials themselves or with the help of a family member or friend. It provides information about illegal online images and the law, and helps users to identify and explore their problematic use of the Internet, and to manage their behaviour.

  • The website also includes a section for practitioners working in the field of child protection.

The Family and Friends section may be read as an entire document if you wish.  However, it may be that you are looking for information on a particular topic; for example, Who accesses sexual images of children on the Internet? or What are the consequences?, in which case you can go straight to that section.

Our aim

is to provide the kind of information that family members need in order to begin to make sense of an extremely challenging situation. The discovery or suspicion that someone close to you is looking at sexual images of children is usually very upsetting and people worry about the consequences not just for that person, but for themselves and their families. 

You can of course talk to a trained operator on the Stop it Now! confidential Freephone Helpline, or email help@stopitnow!, but in addition this part of the website contains information that we hope you will find useful as you think about what to do next.  The short film that follows may help you to do this.




We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the material within the Stop It Now! Get Help site, with particular thanks those who attended the focus groups.

Important note: the photographic content within this section is for illustrative purposes only. All persons featured are models © iStock and Shutterstock.


  • The information provided throughout this website is intended for information, self-exploration and self-help only. It is designed to increase awareness in people who may feel that they have a problem with illegal Internet images or have thought about accessing them but not already done so. The information contained in this website is not, and should not be taken as, a substitute for professional advice and/or treatment.
  • Although the content of the self-help exercises is based on existing research, this research is on-going and the authors would not wish to make any claims about effectiveness.
  • All the information contained on this website is intended to increase awareness of a problem, or potential problem, with regard to a sexual interest in children and is not designed to form a diagnosis. Anyone who feels that they may have a problem in this area should seek professional advice from a qualified person.
  • The Stop It Now team accepts no liability for claims by, or damages of any kind whatsoever to, users of this website. This also applies to decisions or actions taken by any individuals on the basis of the information contained on this website.
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